Churchill College

   since 1994

Principal's introduction

   I am very pleased to welcome you to our Churchill College which was first estabilished in 1994. From the beginning, we have made it our focus and mission to provide the best education  possible by meeting the needs of each student and retaining the most qualified tutors in their respective subjects. I believe educatin is not only an essential building block for one's development in life but also an experience which should be rewarding and enjoyable.

At Churchill, we are always searching for ways to improve our educational curriculum and to meet any special needs of our students, this could range from intensive one-on-one private tutorial sessions to offering new courses.

   I am very pleased to offer our English language tuition for all levels of abilities, including Key stages 2 to 3, GCSE and A levels. We also offer English courses ranging from beginners to advance composition and specifically tailored for students from abroad. I hope you will find the course descriptions contained in our web-site helpful and informative, but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

All of us at Churchill look forward to meeting you soon.

Your sincerely

Jeoung Kim

About Churchill College

   Churchill College is a modern college located in the very centre of New Malden, England. We offer a wide range of English language. Business and IELTS programs tailored to the needs of students from all over the world. Our experienced teachers ensure our students have the best opportunity to greatly improve their English ability. Our intensive general English courses teach students at all levels the everyday skills of English. It covers reading, speaking, writing and listening. And it is taught over 5 levels from beginner to English for Academic purpose.

History of Churchill


   Churchill College is an independent tutorial college, established in New Malden, Surrey in 1994. It's mission is to provide individual and group tuition in all subjects and preparing students in all academic subjects. 


   We are particularly dedicated to advance level, G.C.E and G.C.S.E, Churchill also offers intensive revision courses during half-term and school holidays as well as evening courses for students who wish to improve their studies.


   Over the years, Churchill has established itself as a centre of excellence in Mathematics, Science and English.

Churchill has assisted numerous students in gaining confidence and understanding in difficult courses, improving students' grades and gaining placements in major universities throughout the UK and the U.S.A. All the tutorial staff are well qualified and experienced in the subjects they teach. Additionally, Churchill regularly evaluates each student's progress with the tutors and always strives to provide the most pertinent tuition to each student.                                   

Why the name Churchill College?

  Winston  Churchill was Britain's most famous Prime Minister; especially known for his stirring speeches.Over sixty years he was a leading government minister and statesman,soldier,journalist,writer,artist and has been credited with inspiring Britain by his leadership. His example guided the country through their " finest hour" to withstand the might of Hitler's Germany.Churchill led the nation to eventual victory and reconstruction.

 However at Harrow school he struggled greatly with his lessons,was teased and bullied.Sometimes schools do not recognise the gifts of their students; they can often flourish with extra help and personal attention. Winston left school with poor academic results yet desperately wanted to enter the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.His parents sent him to Captain James and partners, Cromwell rd.London.At the tutorial college he studied English,Maths and Latin.Eventually he passed the entrance examination at the third attempt.

The tutorial college inspired him to rigorous self study while he was in the army; he said"  I must become my own university " as he read extensively the great literature the world has produced.This all led to the Nobel Prize for Literature for his " History of the English Speaking Peoples". He often said" Never give in never",here was a young man who had not done well at school whose spelling was poor who became a great writer and world leader; the role of a tutorial college cannot be under estimated.

 For all these reasons as an inspiration and example to us all we named our tutorial college" Churchill College".Our motto says "Fiat Lux" Latin for "Let there be light", by excellent teaching,determination and hard work our students both past, present and future can be enlightened and achieve their dreams.